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Sunnyside Purchasing Group

Associated with CapTrad SW

Sunnyside Purchasing Group buys products (Beers, Ciders and Wines) from the brewery on behalf of our commercial properties. This allows the tenants in the restaurant or bar to buy products that they usually wouldn't have access to as they don't buy enough to hit the minimum order amount. 

Sunnuyside Purchasing Group also orders from Swallo Drinks soft drinks. We purchase again, on behalf of our tenants weekly. 


Currently, only commercial properties owned by CapTrad SW are part of the Sunnyside Purchasing Group. 

We are open to the addition of new properties and businesses to be part of the Sunnyside Purchasing Group. Any new additions do not have to be owned by CapTrad SW, but must be independent establishments not tied to any brewery. 


Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to enquire about being part of the Sunnyside Purchasing Group. 

Sunnyside Purchasing Group: Commercial Properties

My Point Of View

The Anchor Inn

The Anchor Inn is a traditional Pub situated on the a main road into Weston, just outside of Bleadon.

Chicken Biryani

Bengal Rajj Indian Restaurant

A tradition Indian restaurant serving beautiful Indian cuisine. Situated on the Boulevard, Weston-S-M.

Rainbow flag

Proud Bar

An all inclusive gay bar, that opens till late on a Friday and Saturday evening. Situated on the Boulevard.

Any Enquiries

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Properties Part of Sunnyside Purchasing Group

Beau-leighs Smoke House

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Tavern in the Town

The Captains Cabin

BBQ smoke house.jpg
captains cabin.jpg

Beau-leighs smoke house restaurant smoke all their meats on site for optimum flavour. They serve a whole range of BBQ foods.

This traditional Japanese restaurant serves beautiful homemade Japanese cuisine like sushi and ramens.

This traditional pub is found in the centre of Weston. Here they serve traditional pub food and drinks. They hold karaoke nights as well as an annual motorbike 'festival'.

This gastro pub is found a few steps away from the sea front, close to the old Birnbeck pier. Enjoy a home cooked meal whilst watching the sea from the windows of the restaurant.

The New Ancaster

Stones Cafe/Bar

The Anchor Inn

Bengal Raj  Indian Restaurant

bengal raj.jpg

This traditional pub is found on the edge of the Bournville estate. They serve traditional drinks in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Stones cafe is found on Knightstone Island next to Marine Lake. This dog friendly cafe serves a selection of salads and sandwiches and hand-crafted hot drinks.

The Anchor Inn is found in Bleadon. It is owned by Sunnside Purchasing Group, not CapTrad SW. 

The Bengal Raj is found on the Boulevard. It is owned by Sunnyside Purchasing Group, not CapTrad SW. Here they serve beautiful traditional Indian cuisine.

Proud Bar

The Duke of Oxford

Proud bar.jpg
Duke of oxford.jpg

Proud Bar is found on the Boulevard. It is owned by Sunnyside Purchasing Group, not CapTrad SW. This all inclusive gay bar opens late on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Duke of Oxford is found at the end of the high street. It is owned by Sunnyside RBS. This eccentric pub serves a selection of premium drinks and home cooked gastro pub standard food.

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